Brutalized Retiree Had No Way to Fight Back in Gun-Free UK — Thug Said “I Want You”


Gun control laws in foreign countries have proven to result in nothing more than leaving innocent victims with no recourse for self protection.

America’s second amendment is under attack by liberal activists who believe stricter gun control will somehow stop criminals from executing the mass shootings that have recently plagued the country. In reality gun control or ‘gun free’ areas have just as high crime rates with little to no chance of defense. This was the case for an 88-year-old woman who was attacked in her own home. Evelyn Birchall was safely asleep in her home, or so she thought, when suddenly she was awoken by an intruder who began violently beating her before ultimately robbing her and leaving her for dead. Birchall managed to crawl injured and bleeding to the next door neighbor in order to signal for help. Thankfully she sustained non-life threatening injuries but the experience left her face colorfully disfigured and the image tragically terrified her great grand children to the point of refusing to even hug their elderly and injured family member.

Via Conservative Tribune:

88-year-old Evelyn Birchall, a retiree who lives alone in Chorley, England, recently had her home invaded in late August by 36-year-old Andrew Hodgkinson, according to the U.K. Metro.

Birchall woke in the middle of the night to find herself being savagely beaten by a man robbing her home. He struck her repeatedly, dragged herplagued the country out of bed, threw her onto the floor and stood over top of her as she unsuccessfully attempted to fight back.

According to The U.K. Sun, Birchall managed to crawl to a neighbor’s home to raise the alarm, and police responded with a manhunt. Ultimately, the thug was tracked down and arrested, and the stolen goods at his home were recovered.

Birchall suffered extensive bruising to her face and arms, but luckily did not suffer any serious injuries. Sadly, the significant bruising frightened her great-grandchildren so much, they didn’t want to hug her.

“Her great-granddaughters were shocked by the disfigurement of the bruising to Mrs Birchall’s face and that caused a great deal of stress and she was angry at the effect that had on her family,” explained court recorder David Potter at a hearing for Hodgkinson.

Self protection with a GUN is the only way this elderly woman would have been able to properly defend herself and the gun free environment she lives in failed her.

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