GRUESOME VIDEO: Girls FORCED into Splits by Their Coach


In a series of horrifying videos, teens are shown being forcefully pushed into the splits position.

We have to warn you…it’s really hard to watch. What if your child was in this position? Would you speak out? I know i would.

A few parents are left physically ill after seeing how their deranged “coaches” have abused the teenage girls.

According to sources:

“My husband and I would like to know what the administration is going to do about my daughter’s injury and how it happened,” the email continued, in part.

That’s a question Kirsten Wakefield and other parents are still asking.

“I don’t understand why that’s allowed,” said Cheri Nickolay, whose daughter, Anna, quit the cheer team.

Anna does not appear in any of the videos obtained by 9Wants to Know, but says that she was also forced into the splits in the same manner, as were additional teammates. She showed her mother a video of her teammate.

“That made me sick to my stomach,” Nickolay said. “I don’t know how you could justify that.”

“If I was to be personally present and witness to an approach to get a young girl to do the splits in that fashion, I would have stopped it,” said Cameron MacDonald, associate professor of physical therapy at Regis University. “I know from myself as a physical therapist that is not the approach I would take.”

Parents have, for months, launched complaints towards the school administrators and the coach himself. On August 22, 9NEWS requested numerous records related to those complaints and the cheer team from East High School. On August 23, Denver police launched their investigation.

Was this an act of pure sinister hatred and punishment? One could argue it was, and after watching this…I want answers.

Denver, Colorado (KUSA) — Police in Denver are investigating incidents involving multiple cheerleaders and the cheer coach at a Denver high school.

In videos obtained by 9Wants to Know, eight cheerleaders are shown repeatedly being pushed down into the forced splits, while their arms are held up by fellow teammates, making each cheerleader unable to move herself out of the position.

All cry out in pain. Ally Wakefield asked her coach, 9 times in less than 24 seconds to “please, stop.”

All the while, coach Ozell Williams is shown holding down each girl’s shoulders, and pushing them down further.

This video is difficult to watch and may not be suitable for all viewers.

In at least one of the videos you hear the cheerleader cry out in pain.

The cheer coach, assistant cheer coach, high school principal, assistant principal and Denver Public Schools Deputy General Counsel have all been placed on leave.

“He was pushing like with his other knee on my back to try and keep my posture straight,” said freshman cheerleader Ally Wakefield. “It was tearing my ligaments and my muscle at the same time.

In a statement superintendent Tom Boasberg said: “We absolutely prohibit any practices that place our students’ physical and mental health in jeopardy.”

Should have listened to the warning then..don’t ya think?

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