Chelsea Handler Breaks Down After Finding Out Grandfather Was a Nazi


Chelsea Handler has made it no secret that she despises Trump.  Often, this “morally superior” drunk takes jabs at Trump that are extremist to say the least.  In one instance, she called for a military coup on POTUS.  Frequently, she labels him a Nazi and compares him to Hitler.

Now, it seems we are learning where Handler’s extensive knowledge of the Third Reich comes from.  Her maternal grandfather, Karl Stoecker, was a Nazi that immigrated to America.  In a new show on TLC, Handler explores her Nazi roots.

Karl Stoecker, Chelsea Handler’s Nazi grandfather.

The show traces her grandfather’s history as though he is just some immigrant that came to America.  On the contrary, he was a P.O.W. that likely stayed in Montana.  After he was sent back to Germany, he immigrated to the United States.

During her childhood, Handler remembers her grandfather fondly.  She describes him as a “very, very strong man” with “a sense of humor”.  Her family kept his shady past secret, but come on.  It’s not hard to piece together: man from Germany escapes to America with questionable past.  She’s fooling herself if she believes that she didn’t know.

But really, what planet is Handler from?  She describes an actual Nazi fondly, but completely dehumanizes Trump.

To be clear, Chelsea is not at fault for the sins of her grandfather.  It’s just odd that a woman who has direct ties to Nazi Germany so easily calls another person a Nazi and/or Hitler.  What a disservice to be so flippant with a racist regime that murdered thousands.  I’d wager to say it’s insensitive.

I can’t help but also notice yet another example of liberal hypocrisy.  For months, President Trump was ridiculed simply based on his ancestors’ last name being “Drumpf”.  Handler’s grandfather was in the Third Reich and not one person has batted an eye.

Hopefully, this exploration into the family history will help Chelsea Handler realize she shouldn’t be forcing her opinions on others.  Once again, we have a textbook, out-of-touch liberal who wants people to know she is practically a saint in terms of her conscientiousness.  Of course, she’s preaching from the back of a limousine.

Watch the preview here:


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  1. Michael N Singleton

    August 31, 2017 at 7:29 am

    Guess it takes one to BE one is true!

  2. Micah Ian Carr

    November 5, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    She is just as responsible for the sins of her family as whites are for the sins of theirs for enslaving blacks… the bitch needs to burn.

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