Chicago Professors DEMAND Obama Move His ‘Socially Regressive” Library ELSEWHERE!


WOW! Barack Obama JUST CAN’T WIN!

The Presidental Library Is Going To Cost Upward of 1 BILLION Dollars….Paid For By The TAXPAYERS!


Barack Obama is adding the final touches to his Presidental Library Center that’s going to be built in the heart of Chicago’s “Jackson Park” just a stone’s throw away from the Univerity Of Chicago. What The former President didn’t know was going to happen was over 100 members from the Univerity Of Chicago, and DOZENS of community groups have sent a letter condemning Obama’s plans. According to the professors, the Obama Center WASTES MILLION OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS  in an already broken state, and is going to destroy a public park. They’re calling Obama’s Presidental center “Socially Regressive” to the affluent community.

It’s not fun when the very same people that supported you and had your back the last 20 years, are now coming out against you because they know what you actually stood for was garbage. They also know that the library will cause GENTRIFICATION, and push the lower middle class out of the area. Liberals OWN gentrification, and the American people are finally starting to see that. The Obama library is by far one of the ugliest buildings revealed yet.


Here are the complaints, in the professor’s own words:

Obama Presidential Center is leaving no room to bring economic development:


The Obama Center as currently planned will not provide the promised development or economic benefits to the neighborhoods. Because the current plans place the Center next to the Museum of Science and Industry and across the street from the University of Chicago campus, there is no available adjacent land in which to start a new business, set up a new café or restaurant, bring another cultural center to the neighborhood. It looks to many neighbors that the only new jobs created will be as staff to the Obama Center, hence the widespread support for a Community Benefits Agreement.

The Obama Center destroys a historic park:

Second, the current plan calls for taking a large section of a historic public park and giving it to a private entity for development. Jackson Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, is on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the most important urban parks in the nation. Construction of a permanent architectural monument violates Olmsted’s vision of a democratic urban park. On the current plans, the intrusion into the park is huge: twenty-one acres, the size of two large city blocks. At a time of increasing complexity and pressure in urban life, Chicago should be dedicated to preserving our public parks as open areas for relaxation and play for all its citizens.

Obama Presidential Center is “socially regressive.”


Because of the planned location of the Obama Center, the Obama Foundation plans to take over a section of another historic, public park — Midway Plaisance, also designed by Olmsted — and turn it into an above-ground parking garage. They have to date rejected many pleas of neighborhood groups to place the garage underground.

A parking lot, of course, privileges cars and those who can afford them. Parking is expensive, and through public lands are being given away, all the profits from this parking lot will go to the Obama Foundation. None of the funds will go back to the City to improve train lines and public transportation infrastructure. Overall, this is a socially regressive plan. Again, this is a precious, historic urban park that ought to be preserved for future generations not given to a private entity for development into a parking lot.


The Obama Center wasted taxpayer money.

Finally, it is the taxpayers of Chicago who are going to be forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for this project, according to estimates by the Chicago Department of Transportation. The required widening of Lake Shore Drive alone is estimated to be over $100 million. Not only are public lands being given to a private entity but the public will pay to have Cornell Drive closed and Stony Island Avenue and Lake Shore Drive widened. We are concerned that these are not the best ways to use public funds to invest in the future of Chicago.



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  1. Clinton Parks

    January 11, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    Just a reminder and Obama needs to remember this. He CANNOT us taxpayers funds for his albatross. All funds for Presidential Libraries must come in the form of donations. Maybe the Clinton Foundation should help along with Tom Steyer.

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