Chuck Todd Hits New Low On NBC, Accuses Trump Of Most Disgusting Thing Yet!


The lame-stream media hasn’t been fair to President Trump since he defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidental Election. There have been thousands of un-true accusations against the President including the Russians interfered with the election to help Donald Trump win. The truth is, the Russian did interfere, but not just for Donald Trump. Troll Farms in Russia pushed to help Hillary Clinton to try and defeat Trump. The media won’t report on that though. They only report on what they think is the truth. According to them, Trump colluded with them so he could beat Hillary Clinton. According to them, that’s the only way he could have beat Hillary Clinton. The truth will never be told in the media. They’re all apart of the leftist agenda to turn American into a socialist utopia where healthcare is “Free” for everyone, and the economy is a merit-based system. 

NBC’S Chuck Todd hasn’t been a friend of the President’s either. Lie, after lie after lie has come out of Chuck Todd’s mouth. The slander against Donald Trump is enough to make you want to walk into NBC’S newsroom, and punch the living hell out of Todd’s fat vanilla face! Recently, Chuck Todd decided to downplay the US economy’s 4.1 GDP by accusing the President of making the economy strong …….to distract everyone from Russia. Yes, those very words came out of fat face Chuck Todd’s mouth. 

The economy has been amazing ever since President Trump won the election. But what if this ‘amazing economy’ is just a way for President Trump to distract from the Russia investigation? Those are the moronic thoughts of NBC anchor Chuck Todd.

“New figures released just this morning showing the economy is growing at its fastest pace in years. NBC’s Peter Alexander’s at the White House. Peter, good morning, there are a lot of headlines to talk about from the White House this morning, but this is one that the president wants to emphasize,” explained reporter Savannah Guthrie.

Guest Peter Alexander admitted that the economy is doing well, but then insulted the President for wanting to “tout” it. “The president’s going to be focusing on the growth of the American economy in the second quarter wrapped up, the second three months of the year, that the economy grew by 4.1%. As you know not, that is the fastest pace it’s grown since back in 2014. The first quarter was about 2.2%, so it’s certainly going in the direction that the president wants to tout.”

Fat Faced Chuck Todd went on to say that not only was it a distraction from Russia, but a distraction from the Mueller investigation. You can’t make this crap up.

“You know, Savannah, you can tell there was sort of an urgency in the president’s voice that bordered on – of almost pulling a muscle trying to pat yourself on the back. He was – you could feel that he knows there are all these other headlines out there that are not good, especially this morning involving Michael Cohen, involving the Russia investigation. Frankly, even on the economic front, he got a lot of grief about trade from even fellow Republicans while traveling in the Midwest,” –Chuck Todd


The lame-stream media will say anything to try and discredit the President. Trump could literally solve world hunger, and create world peace, and they would still bash him into the ground, and give him zero credit. This is what the modern day media is all about. If someone is doing better than the person they picked then it’s doom & gloom. You really can’t make this crap up. It’s the most disturbing thing of the 20th century. What the media is essentially doing is helping Donald Trump win again in 2020. There is no way around it. They’re purposely spreading the fake news to try, and sway voters. We’ve got news for them. The American people are NOT stupid, and know what the President is doing.

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