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Guest Slams CNN Host About Clip of Heather Heyer’s Mother: ‘You Used It As A Political Cudgel’


Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour with Kate Bolduan,” the libtard host was joined by a panel that included former Missouri Republican Chairman Ed Martin.

Bolduan asked Martin about a clip that had been in rotation all morning of Heather Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, condemning President Donald Trump’s comments about the rally where she died. The exchange:

Martin: “You’re saying we are not talking politics. It’s being used as a political argument. I have been in this situation. You go through a lot of emotions that I don’t know how I would handle them publicly, and I think it deserves respect, but it sounds to me like you used it at the beginning of this hour as a political cudgel, not as something about morality, or—”

Bolduan: “Me? I didn’t use it as a political cudgel. No, I played what a grieving mother said on TV today.”

Martin: “The idea that CNN would put at the top of the hour this clip and say, ‘Look at that, isn’t the president wrong?’ When you lose a child, you don’t get to have a political calculation foisted upon you by CNN or anyone else. You’re trying to recover. We ought to honor her, but we ought not to put it at the top of the hour and pretend that [Chris] Cillizza is going to make it authoritative that the president is wrong. It’s not fair to her.”

Bolduan: “You’re saying I’m using her comments to make a political statement: Absolutely not.”

Here’s one word to summarize the CNN fake news segment… BUSTED! You can see when Martin calls Bolduan out… she studders and stammers and almost has to shake herself to realize that no one is smelling her bull$h*t!

Watch Martin destroy the FAKE NEWS anchor here:

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