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For the First Time Ever, a CNN Host Defended Donald Trump


In today’s bizarre news, Poppy Harlow, a CNN host, defended President Trump.

Adrienne Elrod is Hillary Clinton’s former director for strategic communications.  Elrod cited Trump’s “fire and fury” comment, and then declared Trump was “temperamentally unfit” for office.

Poppy Harlow did not feel the same.  In fact, she cited another president that hit close to home: President Bill Clinton.  In 1993, the former president had his own version of “fire and fury”.

…It is pointless for North Korea to try to develop nuclear weapons because if they ever use them it would be the end of their country.

Ironically, the statement implies Trump might be carrying on Clinton’s legacy.  The statement also left Adrienne Elrod scrambling for a response.

The best she could come up with:

Well, look, that was in 1993, we’re now talking about 2017. We’re dealing with a real potential threat here.

Right here, this is the problem.  When a democrat says something, it’s just different.  The left can’t explain how or why, it just is.  We’ve seen this double standard play out time and time again.

Contrary to popular belief, North Korea’s nuclear program began in 2006.  It’s not Trump’s fault at the current state of affairs.  Rather, this is the result of the world allowing NK to get away with these shady practices.  Clearly, President Clinton was correct in condemning their program long ago.  Now, POTUS is reacting they way he should.

Never thought I’d say this, but way to go CNN?


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