CNN Reporter Interrupts Trump’s Press Conference, Trump Points at Him & Yells The Unthinkable


Just moments ago, during a joint press conference in the Oval Office with the President of Kazakhstan.

Of course, CNN’s man-child reporter Jim Acosta had another one of his temper tantrums and yet again disrespectfully attempted to shout questions at the President.

He screamed out a question, calling the President a racist.

This time Trump has had ENOUGH! He’s sick of Jim Acosta’s repeated outbursts so he kicked him out of the Oval Office!

Trump looked over at Acosta and said “OUT!”



HAHA! It’s about time someone did something about Jim Acosta’s unacceptable behavior. He needs to learn some respect and his network needs to learn how to report actual news.

Here’s another angle:



Jim Acosta of course tried to whine about it on Twitter, attempting to play victim:

As you can see, it didn’t go so well for him:

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