Condoleeza Rice Destroys the Argument for NFL Protests


On Tuesday, Condoleeza Rice shared her opinions of the NFL national anthem protests.  The protestors will probably not like her logical arguments.

Rice is no stranger to oppression.  The former Secretary of State grew up in the South during the 1960s.  That’s what makes her weigh-in so important.  She appeared on Dana Perino’s new show “The Daily Briefing” on Fox News.  The two chatted about many political topics before the NFL came up.

Here was Condoleeza’s perspective:

We’ve had a long history of racial injustice and trying to come to terms with it. No human society is perfect … Democracies are imperfect. You just have to keep working at them.

We do need to get over this controversy. Whatever the players were trying to do in drawing attention to these issues, it’s gone another way now. And that people have stopped listening to each other.

When you want to lead on an issue, you want to bring as many people to your side as possible. So I hope the players find a way to make their concerns known, to talk about them honestly. What do you mean by social injustice? How are we going to get there? But to do it in a way that brings people to your side that doesn’t alienate people.

Quite a difference from Al Sharpton’s empty threats.

The protests have been abstract from day one.  By not giving people a benchmark of what players require to solve the issue, they only hurt themselves.  “Less racism” sounds great, but there’s no way to measure that sort of progress.  If there is, please let me know how.

Condoleeza also said she would continue to stand and respect our flag:

Since I personally believe very strongly that the American flag stands for the millions of people who have sacrificed over the years, either with their lives or with their willingness to protest and to be really, really tough until we got better. It represents those people, too.

That’s the reason it needs to be respected. Not because America is perfect. America is imperfect. But as citizens of a democracy, you have an obligation to work towards that perfection. And the flag is simply a symbol of the fact that we have greater freedoms than any peoples in the world. I would prefer to see it respected.


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