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Ted Cruz Arrives In Texas, Sends Lib Media Scurrying Back To NYC With 1 Brutal Fact They Won’t Report


New York mainstream media reporters were sent packing from the Texas church massacre after Ted Cruz showed up and gave their eviction notice.

Ted Cruz

Yet another tragic occurrence is being used as a platform for liberals to justify the call for increased gun control but this time Texas has a Senator who will not stand for this disrespect during a time of mourning. Ted Cruz returned to his home state in the wake of the recent church shooting and wasn’t pleased to find the media already there politicizing the entire event with talk of gun control.

First off, this Massacre was ended thanks to a private citizen who used a personal weapon to return fire and stop the criminal from continuing his assault in an innocent group of unarmed citizens. Secondly it has been two days and it is completely unacceptable to bombarded a grieving community with political nonsense so soon after.

Via Liberty Writers:

Ted Cruz arrived in Texas and wasted no time in finding the nearest television camera and setting the record straight.

According to Newsmax Ted opened said,

“It is an unfortunate thing that the first place the media goes after any murder is politicizing it. We don’t need politics right now.”

“There is a reason why there is public distrust of the media, because the immediate focus is on a political agenda of gun control. I can say this. The private citizen who used his own rifle saved lives today. And this community right now is not looking to be drawn into the political circus of the national media, debating the same issues that the national media loves to debate. The reason this depraved gunman finally gave up and got in the car and fled and didn’t murder more is precisely because one individual demonstrated bravery and courage. We need to be celebrating that bravery and courage. We need to be celebrating the compassion, love and unity.”

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