David Hogg Caught Wearing NRA Hat


On Monday, David Hogg was spotted wearing an NRA hat. The outspoken teenager against Guns has created such a fuss over the last year as he’s demanded congress, and President Trump does something about school shootings.

March for Our Lives founder Cameron Kasky tweeted a photo of Parkland survivor and gun control activist David Hogg sporting a National Rifle Association hat and appearing to indicate Hogg is a member of the organization. 

Hogg has been extremely critical of the gun rights group and called them “pathetic f-ckers that want to keep killing our children” in April.

But he now seems to be taking a more conciliatory tone: Hogg sent a message that he now wants to work with NRA members who agree with him.

“80% of us NRA members support universal background checks, so why don’t you?” tweeted  Hogg to radio host Dana Loesch last Friday. 

Many NRA members have claimed they bought memberships in Hogg’s name. Cameron Kasky believes David Hogg will be able to get in touch with NRA members and be able to work together. I’ve got news for Mr. HoggWash. No NRA members are going to sit down, and have a little chat with him about Gun Control. When you hang up on the White House, and completely disrespect our country, and our values… we want nothing to do with you. Take it to the bank that little David Hogg is only making it up that he’s already working with NRA members. If he is, then those members are not really members, but props.

America has had enough of these little crybabies.

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  1. Diane L. Gruber

    June 6, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    Here! Here! Excellent article!

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