Deer Crashes Into Paint Store [VIDEO]


Steven Gleason, owner of a paint store in Pennsylvania, had an unusual customer on Thursday morning.  Gleason was outside helping a customer when he heard a loud crash.

Initially, he thought a rock had shattered a window.  Instead, he found a young buck.

“It’s nuts. Definitely unexpected. I was expecting a rock to be in the store, not a deer so it was definitely unexpected. I mean you hear of a bull in a China shop. I guess deer in a paint store is the next thing that could happen.”

After the discovery, Mr. Gleason and his employees attempted to approach the deer.  They were concerned that the deer might have been injured from the impact.  However, the deer uprighted itself and began to wander around the store.

For a few moments, the confused animal wandered around the aisles.  Eventually, it found its way to the main exit and back to the woods.  Surprisingly, the store suffered no damage.

Gleason added, “He didn’t buy anything.  He just window shopped.”

Watch below:

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