What Does It Mean to “Support and Defend” The Constitution of the United States?


Patriot Allen B. West had just driven away in a cab in Midtown New York when it happened.

An African American man threw a bottle through the car’s open window.  It hit a woman, but thankfully, the contents were only water.

Clearly shaken, Mr. West thought deeply on the matter.  He especially reflected on his vow, while serving the U.S. Army, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

Mr. West explores many double standards in today’s society.  Among them, he addresses Hillary Clinton keeping national secrets on a private email server.  Although she was not tried, a sailor took five photos of a classified compartment in a submarine, and he was given two years in prison.  The hypocrisy is everywhere, all around us.

Mr. West writes:

I didn’t take an oath to see my country become some government-run socialist failed state. I don’t support wealth redistribution, nationalizing of our production, creation and expansion of a welfare state, social egalitarianism, or secular humanism…yet I see these antithetical concepts being promoted, advocated and embraced in the country for which I took an oath of service. You see I understand a simple premise: “a free people are not equal, and an equal people are not free”…how many others grasp that ideal?

The left slowly tries to push equality.  They emptily promise a sort of utopia for us all, especially minorities.  As people buy more and more into this agenda, hatred and resentment for the “upper class” spills over.  And as Mr. West saw in New York, it can cause violence.

The Constitution as we know it is in danger by these extreme views of “equality”.  Allen West so eloquently concludes his point in this opinion piece.

We all took an oath to a core set of principles, values, and the codification of the essence of being an American, our Constitution. And to those who would seek to fundamentally transform this nation and violate our Constitution, yes, you are my enemy — an ideological enemy, but an enemy still — against whom I will fight.

Mr. West’s essay can be found here.

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