How to Delete Google’s Records of Everything You’ve Browsed Online


Recently, The Independent discovered Google has data of almost everything a user has looked at.

Yes, everything.

Google stores the data in order to utilize the information in ads.  It tries to determine what the most appealing ad will be to the browser.  While signed in, a user’s data is collected.  When using Google Chrome, more access is available.  Suddenly, Google has access to not only to browsing but also websites.

If you are uncomfortable with such invasion into your private browsing activity, there are steps to take.

  1. Head over to “Activity Controls
  2. Deselect “Web & App Activity”

For a more tailored approach, you can have the data collected only from Google.  This will eliminate its ability to see information from other websites:

  1. Untick “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services”

The activity controls can also eliminate:

  • Location tracking
  • Contact and calendar storing
  • Google’s ability to record and restore voice recordings
  • YouTube search and watch history

That’s a lot of data for one website to collect.  It’s up to you to determine what you think is appropriate.  At the very least, let this list serve as an idea of just how much of your privacy may be in jeopardy.




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