DELUSIONAL: Obama Believes His Presidency has Helped Race Relations get Better

Following the horrendous hate crime on Facebook earlier this week Obama spoke out saying it was terrible but race relations have improved during his 8 year term. Wow really? Has he been living under a rock? Between BLM and police shootings i’d say it’s the opposite.

According to ABC News- ┬áPresident Obama said “we appear to have seen” a hate crime in the alleged attack on a Chicago man captured on Facebook.

“It’s terrible,” he said about the incident, during an interview with ABC Chicago affiliate WLS.

Though Obama said he thinks race relations have “gotten better” in the country for the most part, he said reports like this show the work still to be done. “In some ways, we have surfaced tensions that were already there but are getting more attention,” he said.

President Obama also said that gun violence in Chicago, his adopted hometown, has been “a heartbreaking situation to see” and that he is committed to being “part of the solution” directly and through his presidential center after he leaves the White House.

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