Dem Sen. Mark Warner Texted With Russian Lobbyist In Order To Contact Dossier Author Christopher Steele


The Plot Thickens EVEN MORE

Whenever you hear Maxine Waters blabbering about “Poootin” and “Impeach45” you can’t help it but laugh because ALL the evidence proves the only people colluding with Russia is the Democrats. We at Daily Presser have now confirmed via Fox News that Democratic Senator Mark Warner ( D-VA) was colluding with Russia to get ahold of Christopher Steele. That’s funny because I thought Trump and his campaign were the ones colluding with the Russians. Nope! The Democrats started that rumor so they could win the election. They fought hard to get Hillary Clinton elected. Guess what? That never happened. The Democrats lost, and lost BIGLY!

They have been pushing the Russian narrative this entire time because they know it’s the only thing that will distract the American people from the truth. Guess what? That has yet to happen. The American people are fully aware the Dems are the ones who colluded with Russia to rig the election. Someone is about to go to jail. No doubt about it!

The Clinton’s will probably never go to jail seeing they have always had people take the fall for them.





An aide to Warner confirmed to Fox News that the text messages are authentic. The messages, which were obtained from a Republican source are all marked “CONFIDENTIAL” and are not classified, were turned over to the Senate panel by Waldman last September.

Waldman, who did not return calls seeking comments, runs the Endeavor Group in Washington.

Waldman is best known for signing a $40,000 monthly retainer in 2009 and 2010 to lobby the U.S. government on behalf of controversial Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska. Deripaska had his visa revoked by the State Department in 2006 because of charges, which he has denied, that he has organized crime ties.

An aide to Burr, the Republican chairman, told Fox News that Burr was aware of the “contact” Warner made with Steele’s representative but added, “I don’t believe he was aware of the content of the text messages” initially.

Read The Rest Of The Text Messages HERE


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