Devastating New Poll Sends Nancy Pelosi & The Democrats Into Sheer Panic


AJR| Democratic House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not doing the Democrat Party any favors. I think we all understand this by now. While Conservatives would be thrilled to see Pelosi leave the political world and retire, at the same time she really is doing the Republican Party a favor by dragging out her career. The woman can barely let out a single sentence without making the entire Democrat Party look bad. Her constant rambling and mumbling aren’t very professional. Anyone could tell you that.

Just take a look at the findings of a recent poll. The Democrats are not going to be happy about this one.

From Breitbart:

A new poll conducted by America First Action Super PAC, President Donald Trump’s official Super PAC, shows that Democrats in Ohio are in serious trouble of losing their re-election bids while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proves to be an anchor on her party’s November chances.

The poll, provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release, perhaps most surprisingly shows incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in danger of potentially losing to GOP Senate nominee Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH). The survey shows Brown, who was thought to be safe without a serious chance of losing in November, only leading Renacci by 4 points–inside the poll’s margin of error. The statistical tie between Renacci and Brown in this key rust belt state means the populist Brown is going to have a fight on his hands from Renacci and the GOP, as this key rust belt state that voted overwhelmingly–more than 8 percent–for Trump over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential election is heating up.

There’s a very specific reason that the Democratic Party isn’t doing well in the polls. This recent poll found that President Donald Trump had a higher rate of voters who felt that he was trustworthy than Nancy Pelosi did. When those polled were questioned as to why they trust more to lead the country, the overwhelming amount of people explained that they trusted Trump and the GOP in Congress more than they trusted Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress. President Trump is winning in the polls by the double digits in the state of Ohio. 45 percent of those polled sided with him and the Republicans. Only 35 percent supported Pelosi and the Democratic Party.

This is a crushing blow for the Democratic Party. Sherrod Brown losing, alone, would be a big problem for the Democrats. Their “blue wave” isn’t looking very promising.

This is also a pretty rude awakening for Nancy Pelosi. She might be a large contributing factor in why the “blue wave” will never be a real thing.

The reason why Democrats seem to be struggling in Ohio–and around the country–is contained in the next explosive newsworthy fact from this poll: President Trump is far more trusted and popular than Pelosi. When asked who they trust more to lead the nation, respondents overwhelmingly said President Trump and the GOP in Congress over Pelosi and Democrats in Congress. Trump leads Pelosi by double digits in this regard in Ohio, as 45 percent sided with him and Republicans whereas just 35 percent sided with Pelosi and Democrats.

America First Action Super PAC is President Trump’s official super PAC, so of course, these results should be viewed through that lens. But the fact that the Senate race, governor’s race, and the generic fight between Trump and Pelosi are each in the respective places they are right now–much better for the GOP than most prognosticators and pundits who preach conventional political wisdom would have you believe–is a boon for the GOP and offers a huge opportunity for the party to put the squeeze on the Democrats.

Technically speaking, too, the names Pelosi and Trump are not on the ballot this year–with the exception of in Pelosi’s congressional district in California, which she will win handily, where she faces voters again–but in many ways, this midterm election is a referendum on both of them.

“Just because DJT [Donald J. Trump] isn’t on the ticket himself doesn’t mean that his wins, doesn’t mean that his policies, doesn’t mean that his presidency isn’t in many respects on the ticket,” Donald Trump, Jr., the president’s eldest son, said in a recent exclusive interview with Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125. “We have to get out there. We have to mobilize. We have to be aware of that. Because if Nancy Pelosi is in charge, taxes go up, the economy is going to go down, jobs numbers are going to go down. It’s a really scary prospect. They’re saying as much. They’re literally saying they’re going to reverse all of these things. And when I look at what are they trying to reverse, it’s almost mind-boggling—it would be much more mind-boggling if I didn’t realize these are people who have never done any of these things in the real world so how could they possibly know. But when they’re putting Democratic policies ahead of the good things that could happen for our country it’s really scary—but that’s exactly what’s going on.”

That means these data points go far deeper than just the top-of-the-ticket races in Ohio. House races, which will determine the future control of the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, are also affected by these sentiments–and as Breitbart News’ Michael Patrick Leahy noted in the first of a coming series of pieces this weekend on control of the majority this election year, Ohio may be one of the critical to that battle. -Breitbart


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