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A News Alert broke into FOX’s regular programming Saturday night to join Joshua Holt and President Trump in the Oval Office.  Holt, age 26, had been held hostage in a Venezuelan jail, without due process, since June 30, 2016.  During his captivity, Holt had been told repeatedly that he was there only because he was an American.

The Oval Office was full of people involved in securing Holt’s release: Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) who actually flew to Venezuela to negotiate Holt’s release & pick him up, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT), Holt’s parents, Jason & Laurie, Holt’s bride, Thamy, and the bride’s daughter.

A Mormon missionary, Holt had traveled to Venezuela in 2016 to marry a fellow Mormon.  But the couple was arrested at her family’s apartment after police claimed they found him stockpiling weapons.  Witnesses saw the police planting the weapons after arresting Holt and his bride of two weeks.


Senator Hatch issued the following statement shortly after news of Holt’s release.

“Over the last two years I’ve worked with two presidential administrations, countless diplomatic contacts, ambassadors from all over the world, a network of contacts in Venezuela, and President Maduro himself, and I could not be more honored to be able to reunite Josh with his sweet, long-suffering family in Riverton,” Hatch tweeted.

President & Mrs. Trump and VP Mike Pence greeted Americans Kim Hak-song, Kim Dong-chu and Tony Kim at Andrews Air Base on May 9, 2018 following their release from North Korean labor camps.



This latest hostage release comes just days after the Trump Administration secured the release of three American men who had been held captive in North Korea.  In the Oval Office Saturday night Trump said his administration had secured the release of 17 hostages from foreign jails so far.


As a candidate, Trump promised that his deal-making skills would free innocent Americans held abroad.  “This doesn’t happen if I’m president!”  Trump tweeted a few weeks before Election Day, when Iran sentenced two Americans for allegedly spying.  As President, Trump has followed through on this promise.  Just weeks into his presidency, the Trump Administration negotiated the release of aid worker Aya Hijazi, who had been held for three years in an Egyptian prison.  Trump sent a plane to pick her up.

Saying it took him just 10 minutes in the Oval Office with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to secure Hijazi’s release.  “President Obama tried and failed many times over three years, but we were able to get this done in a very short period and that is an amazing victory for Aya and her family.”

In June 2017 President Trump, with the help of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, negotiated for the comatose Otto Warmbier to be brought home to his parents just days before he died.  Otto had been held and tortured by North Korean military for a year and a half, while the Obama Administration did little to rescue him.

Diane L. Gruber

Proud American

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  1. Charles Douglas

    May 27, 2018 at 11:20 am

    What save a white boy, Obama dose not like White people!, Only the once’s that can make him look and feel like he’s the Man, and his hand is always out just like his pal Killary….

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