DISGUSTING! Mandalay Bay CEO Asked Employees to Donate to CAIR and Other Alt-Left Groups


I wonder if the Mandalay Bay CEO feels a little bit of foot in mouth these days?

Last year, Jim Murren came out with a bold statement to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  In his statement, he writes:

As a lifelong registered Republican, I’ve crossed the aisle only a few times in elections past, and almost never at the presidential level. Each time, it was a gut-wrenching decision.

But this year it’s an easy choice. I’m going to put my country ahead of my party by voting for Hillary Clinton — and by making my first-ever public endorsement of a presidential candidate.

Obviously, the statement is a little inappropriate, but as Americans, we can’t fully frown upon it.  Then, Murren went even further by asking his employees to donate to many registered terrorist groups.  The groups are all alt-left, anti-Trump, and all but considered terrorist organizations.  Just look at CAIR‘s track record – they’re considered co-conspirators to terrorism.

The CEO’s wife, Heather Murren, was also a member of the Obama administration.  She was a member of the “Commission for Enhancing National Cybersecurity” in 2016.  So, were the Murrens’ opinions truly as nonpartisan as Jim claims?

As Wayne Allyn Root writes:

What CEO would tie his company to a group attached to Muslim terrorism? Any CEO would have to be blind, deaf, or dumb to go near CAIR. He’d have to know his controversial choices would offend, outrage or chase off millions of his customers by choosing groups so extreme.

Jim Murren has gone way too far. He’s off the deep end. And he’s put MGM’s Board, shareholders and employees in a terrible position because of his extreme, radical, reckless decisions.

Now, the police are saying that Paddock had been “radicalized”.  That puts the shooter in the same camp as all these extreme, alt-left groups.

While liberals demand gun control, they seem to be committing much more violence than any other group in this country.  Maybe Murren should think about that next time he asks his employees to give them money.


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