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Democrat Doug Schoen Blasts Own Party Claiming It’s “Rotten to the Core”


More and more democrats are turning on their own party with Doug Schoen being the most recent to see the light.

Doug Schoen

Donna Brazile’s revelations about the DNC rigging the Democratic primary has caused major division within the party and many liberals in office are now speaking out about government corruption. Loyal democrats are disheartened by the crooked actions of elite members of their party and want to see an end. Doug Schoen is one such democrat that has had enough and is openly disputing the rotten nature of the Democratic Party.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Leftwing political analyst Doug Schoen was outspoken about the apparent collusion between Clinton and the Democrat Party, but he also wasn’t pleased with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ behavior during the 2016 election.

Schoen, who once worked for the Clintons as an advisor, said a “special counsel” was needed to “look at Secretary Clinton and her campaign and her activities.”

“We need to clean up our system,” he continued, but noted that Clinton wasn’t the only one guilty of corruption in the Democrat Party.

“Let’s be honest here, Sean,” Schoen said. “Bernie Sanders had pulled out, effectively, before California and was negotiating for a plane and speaking engagements in the fall before he even lost, and before he even conceded.”

Democrats have no moral integrity and are willing to do whatever they can to remain political affiliates even if that means throwing in the towel as Sanders did or bribing the DNC as Clinton did. If the democrats can’t manage to find an honest democrat to support then the hope of regaining control of office in the 2020 presidential election is already lost.

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