Organization Raises Money to Destroy Confederate Monuments


The latest point of contention in our culture war is brewing in Madison County, Alabama.

Money is being raised by citizens to destroy a Civil War monument in front of a local courthouse in Huntsville, AL.

The monument honors fallen soldiers who fought for the Confederacy.

Based on a recently passed law, the city can be subject to a fine for its removal.  The law seeks to protect monuments older than 40 years old.  Removal carries a hefty fine: up to $25,000.

The Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance (TVPA) is using crowdfunding to cover the cost of removal.  According to David Odom of the TVPA:

We think we can continue to build pressure around this issue and educate folks about what this means. The inscription on the monuments talks about the principles that gave birth to the confederate cause. Well, those principles were slavery and white supremacy. It’s just a plain matter of right and wrong.

This is yet another assault to rewrite a significant era of American history.  Embellishing our past, especially in a war that killed 1.68 million Americans is wrong.  Hundreds of residents in the south have ancestral ties not only to slavery but also to the Confederacy.  It is simply unfair to choose which legacy will be remembered.

I believe there are much more reasonable and creative ways to solve this problem.

To respect both sides, why not build another monument to honor the victims of lynchings?  In fact, David Odom proposes just that.  If removal doesn’t happen, the crowdsourcing funds will be used just for this reason.

As a conservative, I find this solution much easier to stomach.  We must embrace both sides of our history, whether good or bad.  America has always been a melting pot for differing opinions and backgrounds living side by side.  Our monuments shouldn’t be treated any differently.


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  1. Vincent Bozzone

    July 8, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    These people are no different from the Taliban that blew up the two Buddhas.

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