Eric Holder FLIPS SH*T Over FISA Abuse Memo Release!


Attorney General Eric Holder Isn’t Having A Very Good Day.

President Trump will be releasing the FISA Memo tomorrow, and Eric Holder is having a shit fit on twitter. It’s hilarious to watch all of this unfold as Democrats run like the little roaches they are. They’ve scattered and played the blame game. Dems wonder why the American people voted in Donald Trump. This very reason. It’s amazing. Democrats know they’re in a world of hurt. This is the exact reason they’ve called for the impeachment of the President.


One thing American have learned is the Democrats can’t be trusted. They’re the most corrupt party the United States has ever seen. Barack Obama’s legacy has already been smashed, but after the memo release, the coffin will be covered with cement, and will never be opened again. God is good.



Eric Holder appeared to accept that the memo will be released whether he likes it or not. Perhaps Holder realized that he is no longer the AG and will only be remembered as the first AG to be held in contempt of Congress.
Holder tweeted, “If the Nunes nonsense gets released – unbelievable – then, in some proper way, the Schiff analysis must also be shared with the public. Republicans on the Committee have a duty to the American people that outweighs their desire to protect a corrupt process and individuals.”

The FISA memo will be sent to the House Intel Committee Friday with redactions from the White House. The Committee will then release the memo on its timetable, reports CBS’s Major Garrett.
Watching lunatic Democrats like Eric Holder screeching on Twitter about the FISA memo is a friendly reminder that the demons scream the loudest when they are being exorcised.

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