LIVE: The European Commission Threatens To Ban Facebook From Data-Transfer Sharing Pact!


Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t had the best year. After losing well over 9 Billion dollars amid the Facebook Data Controversy. Zuckerberg personally lost around 5 billion dollars of his own. That’s enough to make anyone wake up, even someone as prominent as Zuckerberg.

Like most of the world’s richest people, Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is determined largely by the rise and fall of the stock market. In particular, Zuckerberg’s wealth is based on the performance of Facebook shares. –

If you believe in Karma, then you believe she bit Zuckerberg right in the ass. Thousands of people rely on Facebook shares to make money. Conservatives have been using Facebook to reach millions of voters, and readers but have been shut down due to the targeting of Conservatives by Facebook’s Liberal Elite including Mr. Zuckerberg.

According to Forbes “World’s Billionaires” list, which updates the estimated wealth of billionaires in real time, Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth was roughly $66 billion at around noon on Tuesday, compared to just under $75 billion when the stock market closed on Friday. In other words, Mark Zuckerberg has theoretically lost $9 billion in less than two days. –

I’m not here to make you feel sorry for Zuck, but man that has to suck. I guess he shouldn’t have been trying to help throw the election for Hillary Clinton. He can thank his employees and millions of liberals on social media for helping elect PRESIDENT Trump! I will never get tired of saying “President Trump”!

The European Commission has suggested the United States suspend social media giant Facebook from a data-transfer sharing pact with the EU if it breached privacy laws.

Vera Jourova, the EU justice commissioner, told reporters in Brussels last week that the US firm could be de-listed from the ‘Privacy Shield’ pact.

Privacy Shield allows US companies to transfer and use data of EU nationals for commercial ends – on the basis, they adequately respect European law.

The commissioner is pushing US authorities to investigate whether Facebook and Cambridge Analytica breached Privacy Shield rules.

“If so then we expect the action on the American side,” she said on Thursday (17 May), noting that violations “could be the suspension of the participation of the company” from Privacy Shield.

The social network said some 87 million users have had their data improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica. Some of the data were then reportedly used to sway people in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union in the lead up to Britain’s Brexit referendum vote.

“We will understand hopefully in short time what are the roles of the different actors and what breaches happened,” she said.

Privacy Shield is supposed to be enforced by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). But the FTC has a poor enforcement track record.

US authorities have also yet to fully implement Privacy Shield, after its predecessor Safe Harbour was scrapped by the European Court of Justice in late 2015. EUObserver

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