Fake number of walk out students reported during Pence Notre Dame graduation speech


Some graduating seniors at the University of Notre Dame walked out of their own graduation ceremony to protest Vice President Pence when he began to deliver the commencement speech on Sunday morning. The Washington Post reporting:


It wasn’t just the Washington Post, however. You also had CNN, The New York Times, any mainstream media outlet that could get their hands on this story reported as if it was a gigantic protest… but it wasn’t! 

How do we know this? It’s pretty easy to see when you look outside the scope of the mainstream media’s coverage, and see there was at the most 50 kids who decided to be spoiled brats today.

The Vice President was chosen to give the commencement address at the nation’s most prominent Catholic university — even though the school usually invites the newly inaugurated presidents to give the address in their first year of office.  Thousands of students and faculty members signed a petition asking Notre Dame President John Jenkins not to invite President Trump. Rather, the university chose instead to invite the former Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

A coalition of student activist groups at Notre Dame called “We StaND For” planned a walkout to protest the policies Pence pursued as governor, that they say and believe target the most vulnerable.

Back in 2016, Pence planned on seeking reelection as governor when Trump selected him to be his vice presidential running mate in that summer.


The Notre Dame protest was much smaller than the once faced by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, when she delivered the commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college in Florida. Some students stood up and turned their back, booing was so loud that the school’s president stood up, interrupted DeVos, took to the microphone, and said to the students:

“If this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you. Choose which way you want to go.”

Back at Notre Dame, students filed out of gates 27 and 28 of Notre Dame Stadium. They knew that once they left graduation, they wouldn’t be able to re-enter.

WeStaNDFor explained a press release they’re primarily protesting Pence’s opposition to gay rights, his attempts as governor to prevent Syrian refugees from resettling in Indiana, his support of President Donald Trump’s immigration travel ban, and his opposition to sanctuary cities that do not enforce federal immigration laws.

The group posted instructions for how to walkout on their website:

“Walk away from Pence quietly, in confidence, with your head up high, taking your time. Embrace the moment, maybe even hold hands/lock arms with those joining you.”


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