How Fellow Soldiers Responded To Collapsed Female Soldier is INCREDIBLE


Oftentimes, sensational stories come out about men and women working together in the military.  If you follow the stories, sexism, sexual harassment, and assault apparently run rampant.  Here is a story that will shine a new perspective on things.

Captain Sarah Cudd decided to complete an elite medical badge with her unit.  It is a grueling event, and usually only 20% of those who attempt complete it.

Here is the description from a training report:

The Expert Field Medical Badge is an honor given to military medical personnel who can complete a series of exhausting and tiring tests, some written and some physical. It is so difficult to attain that it is estimated that up to 80% fail the examinations.

Cudd was nearing the end.  In the last leg, the test required hopefuls carry seventy pounds of gear on their back for twelve miles.  Morevover, there was a time limit of three hours.  Captain Sarah was close, but suddenly her knees gave out from underneath her.

While her unit was unable to physically help Sarah, they did the best they could.  On the viral video, men and women shout out words of encouragement.  They coax her to get back up and keep fighting to the finish.

Even better, soldiers run up close to Sarah and cheer her on.  It is inspiring to watch these men and women come together to help one of their own.

The story has a great ending, too.

The cheers from Cudd’s troop inspired her to pick herself up not once, but twice.  The words of encouragement gave her just enough energy to cross the finish line in time.  Thus, Captain Sarah Cudd joined the elite few to earn this badge.

Way to go, Sarah.  And way to go to all the men and women that stood by her side when it seemed like she couldn’t go on.

Watch the video below:



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