Fleccas Talks Hit’s West Hollywood Pride & Exposes Their Hypocrisy


Pride festivals have always been advertised as a place where anyone is welcome regardless of your ideas, sexual orientation, race, body type.. you get the point. They’re accepting of everyone… well not everyone. President Trump and his supporters are NOT welcome. What I’ve learned over the years is there is no such thing as real equality. For one group to be equal, you have to take away from another group. That’s the name of the game.

Austen Fletcher recently went out to West Hollywood’s LGBT Pride Festival. There, Austen found out that it’s not all about equality, love, freedom, and treating everyone the same.


Why does this not surprise us? These progressives are indeed regressive. The entire message of equality is very regressive. These events are oversexualized, and the kids are exposed to this nonsense. Why can’t they celebrate LGBT Pride without Sexuality? The floats and people walking around are full of half-naked, and even fully naked people drawing attention to themselves. Whatever happened to being modest? Gay Republicans are often shunned from these events as well. They’ve fought many years to help make the GOP inclusive. They get zero appreciation for their hard work, and often excluded from any LGBT events. Talk about discrimination.



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