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FLIP FLOP ALERT: Paul Ryan changes his tune on ‘disgraceful’ Democrat deal


After President Donald Trump announced his deal with the democrats to increase the debt ceiling, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) called the deal “perfectly reasonable and rational.”

In an interview with FOX News’ Martha MacCallum Thursday:

MacCallum: “When you look at that deal that was struck in the room for the three month debt ceiling. Some are sizing it up and saying that the president really was speaking to Republican leadership, he was saying, that it was a signal to you guys, what do you say to that?”

Ryan: “Well look what I think what he’s trying to do is clear the decks so we can get focused on big things like tax reform. I’ve spoken to the president a lot about this. I talked to him this morning, he wants to clear the decks so we can basically get our job done and focus on our big issue like tax reform, border security and the rest.”

Ryan went on to say:

“Second point is we’re getting hit with two hurricanes. We’re still dealing with Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, we’re just now getting hit with Irma, and he wanted to make this a bipartisan moment, where we weren’t fighting each other up in Washington about hurricane aid. He just wanted to get it done, get it out of the way. So that aid is flowing to the states that need it right now so that we can go and then focus on things like tax reform. So it’s perfectly reasonable and rational why he’s doing what he’s doing.”

Here’s the thing…

that’s not what Ryan ORIGINALLY said!

Wednesday, just hours before Trump announced that he would back the deal, Ryan called it:

“disgraceful” and “ridiculous.”

Ryan also defended the Republicans in Congress in the interview, saying:

“The House has been more productive than any Congress in the modern era.” Ryan and other members of Congress have been excoriated by many for failing to support Trump’s agenda with enough legislative victories.”

You can watch the interview here:


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