Former Chief Counsel For The Senate Judiciary Committee, William Smith, Defends Sessions Against Liberal Attackers


Smith hits the nail on the head with this one as he explains..everyone that has come to speak out again Sessions has no idea of his policies or has stance on issues, so why are they quick to scorn him? They’d be surprised at what he’s done for minorities. The man has a really good point, and his argument is going insanely viral. Check it out:

VIA| The former chief council for the Senate Judiciary Committee, William Smith, discounted a number of Democratic attacks against Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) during the Alabama lawmaker’s confirmation hearing for attorney general on Wednesday.

Throughout his testimony, Smith vehemently disagreed with attacks on Sessions’ character.

“We have seen people who have never met Sen. Sessions claim to know him and know his heart. We have seen members of this body and members of the House of Representatives just now, who have worked with Sen. Sessions and praised him for his work, and now turn to attack him,” Smith said in a clear nod to Sen. Cory Booker, who testified minutes earlier before the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose Sessions’ nomination.

“This should not be. The reason we did not see a lot of this yesterday during the hearing is because the members of this committee know Sen. Sessions,” Smith continued.

Smith then described how Sessions has defended minority communities during his legal career.

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