Former Clinton Staffer ARRESTED On Child Sex Abuse Charges


The last two years have been more devastating for Hillary Clinton than any other time in their history. Not only did she lose to Donald Trump even after having the full support of the media, and every major liberal PACS out there, but shes also having a hard time trying to explain why she lost. She blames everyone except herself.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an onslaught of sexual assault allegations in politics. There is also a Slush Fund that allows this to take place, and a congressional committee pays the women off for their silence. This was Hillary Clinton’s paradise. She wanted it more than anything in the world. She didn’t get it, and now she’s pissed.

Recently, another campaign staffer of Hillary Clinton’s has been arrested and charged with Sexual Abuse, and Child Pornography.

The head of a charity that campaigns against sexual violence has been arrested in New York for child pornography and allegedly trying to meet with children as young as two for sex.
Joel Davis, 22, is accused of trying to set up sexual encounters between himself and young children, as well as soliciting an undercover FBI agent to send sexually explicit videos of minors.
The New Yorker was arrested on Tuesday on child sex abuse and child pornography charges.
Davis is the chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict – an organization devoted to ending sexual violence. Daily Mail

Sounds familiar doesn’t it Anthony Weiner? Pedophilia runs deep in Washington D.C. There have been many outlets reporting on this but then shoed away as if they were Alex Jones or something. There’s a rule in D.C that if you get caught, then you’re on your own. If you can control it, then you’re just fine. This wasn’t the case for Joel Davis.

Authorities came across Davis when an FBI agent posted a message on a “fetish” website where people leave ads soliciting children for sex, according to the criminal complaint.

“Looking for other no limits TABOO pervs in DC area,” read the message posted by the FBI. “Bi dad here.”

A person with the screen name “yngperv22″ responded saying, “Need me to come down and watch ur kids for a night : ).” That person was subsequently identified as Joel Davis, according to the criminal complaint. Davis exchanged phone numbers and began texting the original poster, not knowing he was an undercover FBI agent, the complaint said.

Davis told the agent that he is into children ages zero and up, and has “no limits,” according to the complaint. He said he previously had sexual experiences with a 9-month-old boy, a 6-year-old girl, and a 7-year-old boy. He sent the agent an array of disturbing photos showing adults sexually abusing naked children as young as infants.

He asked another undercover agent to take nude pictures and videos of the agent’s supposed 9-year-old daughter and the 2-year-old daughter of the agent’s girlfriend. Davis told the agent he had “hundreds” of images of child pornography in his “collection,” mostly “baby/toddler.” Washington Post



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