Pro-Trump George Foreman Tears Into Kaepernick, Durant


George Foreman is a successful businessman and one of the most famous boxers of our time.  I’ll come right out and say it: he’s a badass.  On a recent podcast called “Offended America”, Foreman took jabs of a different sort at Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant.  He said neither of the pro athletes are patriots.

Foreman said:

I love the United States.  [Kevin Durant and Colin Kaepernick] haven’t been brought up with people who were patriotic.  A lot of people died so that they can have that privilege.

Foreman also added that athletes in his day were proud to represent the United States:

We came in the era we were patriotic. The greatest day of my life was when I put on the colors, representing the United States.

Sadly, this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be relevant in today’s world.  Nowadays, athletes would rather bash the United States than feel any sense of pride for the nation.  Personally, I feel if a U.S. athlete is “ashamed” to play, then perhaps they should not play at all.

Of course, that would mean they’d be unable to collect those hefty paychecks.  Do you see the hypocrisy here?

Foreman likes Trump

In a later portion of the podcast, Foreman expressed his appreciation for President Trump.  He called him a “good” president.

In 1991, Trump helped save George Foreman from inevitable bankruptcy after he sponsored his Pay-Per-View fight.

Let’s put it this way: any man who went toe to toe with Muhammad Ali has my respect.  I’m glad to see that he’s still a proud American.


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