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This Girl Claimed to be the Victim of a Hate Crime, but the Cops Found Out Something Else


Taylor Volk just ruined her life.  After Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, the bi-sexual college student claimed to be the victim of a disturbing hate crime.

The troubled woman posted notes that were taped to her dorm room door on Facebook.  The notes contained homophobic slurs, “Back to Hell”, and “#trump” scrawled across papers.  Later, she was interviewed by NBC news.

In her interview on November 14, Volk says:

“This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden…I just want them to stop.”

Volk is interviewed about “hate crime”.

Once again, the media have painted conservatives as monstrous individuals.  Clearly, the right is trying to destroy the LGBT community’s way of life.  But in the biggest fail ever, local law enforcement was able to determine the crime was completely fabricated.

NBC news later  followed up on the matter:

“Hateful notes and emails allegedly sent to a North Park University student were ‘fabricated’, the school’s president said Tuesday in a statement, and the woman who claimed they were aimed toward her is no longer enrolled at the school.”

Just how deep is this liberal’s victim complex that she is fabricating hate crimes?

It’s been very interesting to watch both sides handle the results of the election.  Liberals have committed felonies in order to prove to themselves that they are victims.  Meanwhile, the conservatives have taken the high road and are ready to get the country back on track.

Now that Ms. Volk has gotten the boot from her college, made all of her classmates hate her, and destroyed any semblance of job prospects, we have to ask: was it worth it?

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