Gross McDonald’s Pictures Posted to Twitter Have Global Impact


*WARNING* This is hard to hold down…

McDonald’s is in a disgusting new controversy.  An employee shared revolting images via Twitter of the chain’s alarming restaurant conditions.

Nick, the employee, struggled about posting the pictures, but the disgust he felt enabled him to share them.

I shared it because I wanted to let people know what they’re consuming, and how disgusting the conditions are.

This was only one McDonald’s, but the conditions are similar across most chains according to former employees.

After posting the pictures, McDonald’s fired Nick.  However, the internet has kept the story alive by sharing the photos, even after McDonald’s reps begged for their removal.

Further details can be found in the Buzzfeed article.

Fast food chains such as Wendy’s have joined in on the controversy by posting pictures of their cleanliness standards.

And now, the controversy has gone international.  China has responded to the allegations of filthy conditions.

We’re paying attention to the information being reposted today online about US ice cream machines. In China, ice cream machines used at McDonald’s restaurants are automatically disinfected every day at a set time to ensure food safety.

While many blamed the employees for the conditions, ultimately the responsibility falls on the manager.  A manager should be checking the conditions of the machines regularly.  See the photos for yourself.  If you were the manager, do you think you’d find these conditions acceptable?

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