Guess Who One Of The ABC Executives Is Married To?


ABC is a cesspool of liberal executives trying to find their next victim to screw over. This week, it’s Roseanne Barr. They have tried to destroy everything she’s built. After Roseanne posted a semi-racist tweet ( What Hollywood Celeb hasn’t?) ABC has decided to CANCEL Roseanne, who’s not even into the second season yet. yes, that’s right. Instead of just punishing her by suspending her for a few episodes, ABC has completely canceled the show. Why is that? Why hasn’t Bill Maher been canceled after he made fun of Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s son who happens to have down syndrome? Why isn’t Kathy Griffin COMPLETELY barred from ever putting on another “Comedy” show in her life? Why is it that Keith Olberman can say whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants without consequence? It’s because they’re Liberals who are able to say and do whatever the hell they want. Sad, but true.


Maybe this will help us out a little to expose the total bias these excuses for humans have.

ABC executive Ian Cameron, You know. The tall handsome guy? I can almost guess you have not a clue who he’s married to, right? Mr. Cameron is married to none other than The Obama Administrations National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017 Mrs. Susan Rice.


Isn’t shocking it? Hell no it’s not. these two have been married since 1992. Now it all makes sense. This proves the only reason Mrs. Rice, or should we say, Mrs. Cameron, got the job at the white house was because of who her Husband was. See, this is what liberals can’t seem to put together. The Democrats always run together. They don’t ever hire outside of their circle. Their GIANT circle of Hollywood executives and Wallstreet Billionaires have always had their little hands in the White House.

I will connect the dots at a later time. This proves that Roseanne Barr was profiled because she’s a Trump supporter. Never call Roseanne a Conservative. She isn’t She is, in fact, a Feminist, but that’s beside the point. She was one of the biggest voices to help elect President Trump, and we will never be able to thank her. However, we can demand, and boycott ABC in hopes they bring back Roseanne. Maybe FOX broadcasting can do it. Until then, we will have to do everything in our power to bring justice to Roseanne.


Let us note that Ian Cameron left ABC in 2011, but we’re damn sure he, and Susan made a phone call to make sure Roseanne never sees the light of day again on national television.



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