HILARIOUS! Cops can’t stop rampaging emu on the highway


It’s not often you see an emu trucking down Interstate 10 in Las Cruces. But New Mexican motorists were treated to the sight of the wandering bird bobbing and weaving down the road Tuesday, as members of the Mesilla Marshal’s Department, City of Las Cruces Codes Enforcement and Doña Ana County Codes Enforcement chased and eventually assisted in the capture of the big bird.

The video shows three uniformed officers trying to corner the emu while traffic is at a standstill on I-10, between exits 140 and 142.

The video, which has more than 100,000 views, shows the emu traveling from one side of the interstate to the other and back again before one of the officers, using a restraining pole, knocks the emu to the ground.Doña Ana Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Kelly Jameson said traffic was stopped “thanks to the kindness of two truckers.”

Officers did eventually help trap and detain the bird while on Interstate 10, Jameson said. As of Thursday morning, the emu was waiting for its owners to spring it from detention and take it home, which the owners did by Thursday.


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