FRIGHTENING: Hillary Clinton’s Gun Confiscation Plan Revealed

When elected President of the United States, Hillary Clinton will implement a methodical, intricate plan to confiscate all privately owned weapons in America, a “classified” email siphoned from her private email server reveals. The document, obtained by the hacker group Anonymous and later authenticated by Wiki Leaks’ Julian Assange, details Hillary’s scheme to finish what her predecessor, GUNCONFISCATIONBarack “Hussein” Obama, failed to accomplish, repeal the 2nd Amendment and deprive law abiding American citizens the right to bear arms.

“The constitution is an old document written by men long dead,” Hillary Clinton wrote. “Many elements of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be repealed or rewritten to comply with modern society, specifically the archaic 2nd Amendment. There is no reason any person need own a firearm.”

According to the leaked email, Hillary Clinton believes the United States should align itself with “more civilized countries” like Great Britain and Australia, whose governments have already outlawed privately owned firearms. The liberals claim that eliminating firearms will abate gun violence; patriotic citizens know that the liberal agenda is to leave law abiding citizens defenseless against a tyrannical government determined to erode all civil liberties.

NRA spokesperson Michael Plumbbell said, “Confiscating weapons is a stepping stone to martial law. The democratic agenda is to eliminate civil liberties and destroy our Constitution. They want control of the people. Gun confiscation is the next stop. Obama started it, Hillary will finish it.”

“Operation Broadalbin”

The problem is that the liberals fear an insurrection, and want to run a test in a Democratic state, where they can count on the governor calling in the National Guard.

The Village of Broadalbin, a rural farming community of 1,300 souls in the southern Adirondacks, is set to be the test-bed for Hillary’s diabolical  plan. The location was chosen based on img4b0aa632b38daseveral criteria:

  • Broadalbin is a Republican Village in a largely Democratic State.
  • Broadalbin has no radio station or local newspaper.
  • Broadalbin’s gun shop is crowded on Saturdays, which indicates that the locals like guns.

Given these conditions, Hillary believes that if her gun confiscation plan succeeds in Broadalbin, then it will succeed anywhere in the United States. Her initial problem, she admits in the contents of her e-mail, was identifying law-abiding gun owners in the village. With Janet Reno’s help, Hillary solved that dilemma.

Phase I: Identify Gun Owners

Step one involves an elaborate deception to lure gun owners into the open, a difficult task since Hillary considers gun owners suspicious people with something to hide. Using “free ammunition” as bait, she hopes to trick citizens into exposing their weapons. Her idea is to announce a state sponsored initiative, giving 500 rounds  of free, surplus ammunition to each citizen during Broadalbin’s annual spring fair. Additionally, a lottery will be offered, and one-in-fifty gun owners can win 5,000 rounds of ammunition of any desired caliber.  However, there is a catch: all contestants must submit their firearms for a routine “state safety inspection.”

A state approved gunsmith will inspect all weapons on location, checking for rust, cracks, dings, bent barrels, and other faults that could result in either a misfire or the weapon “exploding in a small child’s face.” The “gunsmith” plans to summarily disqualify as many weapons as possible, rendering the free ammunition offer null and void. When possible, firing pins will be surreptitiously removed from weapons. Although a few immaculate weapons will pass inspection–to avoid the appearance of impropriety–owners will be issued “blanks” that can’t be used against Hillary’s forces during the next phase of her plan.  A tally of all inspected weapons should provide a rough estimate of all privately owned firearms in Broadalbin.

Phase II: Get The Guns

Approximately two weeks later, on a moonless night, the National Guard and ATF agents will quietly encircle the town. Once the perimeter is secured, the heavily armed task force will conduct a door-to-door search of every firearms owner who had previously submitted a weapon for inspection. Citizens will be ordered to surrender their firearms, and soldiers from New York’s 27th Brigade Combat Force have standing orders to “use any means necessary” to force compliance. This includes warrant-less searches and seizures, destruction of private property, unlawful detention, and, most shockingly, the use of deadly force.

Once all firearms are confiscated, the joint task force will withdraw from the village, leaving besieged residents puzzled and bewildered.  Hillary anticipates little resistance and a 97% success rate.


Remember, this agenda will see fruition only if Hillary reaches the White House.

Broadalbin residents, take heed!

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