Congressman Asked if Obamacare Repeal Vote Was Worth His Seat. His Tearful Response Ends the Interview…


Congressman Tom MacArthur’s name is on the mouths of millions of Americans  after paving the way of passage for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in the House.

Posted by Tom MacArthur on Sunday, August 3, 2014

What many people may not know, however, is that MacArthur and his wife  went through a devastating loss at the hands of a shattered Obamacare system.

The nightmare started when doctors urged them to terminate their first pregnancy after it was discovered that the baby’s brain was not developing properly.

Despite the doctor’s advice, MacArthur’s wife, Debbie, gave birth to their daughter, Gracie.

According to sources, Gracie was born with a rare condition called Holoprosencephaly and, during her 11 years of life, failed to reach many milestones, such as walking and talking. Her medical bills were exorbitant.

Gracie also suffered from brutal seizures, ultimately leading to the sweet girl’s tragic and premature death.

But the most alarming part was revealed after grief.

According to NBC, MacArthur noted,

“I had insurance, but it doesn’t cover everything.”

And because of Gracie’s expensive medical costs,MacArthur wanted to see an effective change in health care law that would prevent other families from facing the same ordeal.

“If I were in a taxpayer-financed pool, not a policy-financed pool, all those insureds in the group of the insurance plan would have had lower premiums.”

During an interview with CNN Thursday afternoon, just moments after the House voted to pass the AHCA, the New Jersey House member became emotional after being asked if his daughter Gracie was an inspiration to get so deeply involved with health care reform.

When the reporter noted that the congressman could potentially lose his seat for working to repeal Obamacare, MacArthur said he said he ran for office to solve problems…

“It’s important that Congress was able to pass the AHCA and take this important step that will provide the American people with patient-centered, affordable care.”

Watch the entire interview here:

What an inspiration that man is!


  1. Pamela Bangs

    May 5, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Sure he voted for it. Why would he care he won’t have to worry his healthcare is all paid for. His is not the same as ours. He should know what it feels like for us poor Joe’s so he says he lived through the ordeal but he passes a terrible bill to weigh down seniors and people with preexisting health problems. I hope all of you loose your jobs. I just wished you’d loose your health care too…..

  2. Jane May

    May 6, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Why should everyone else be responsible for paying for the insurance for a few especially hen so many of the uninsurable are that way after they abused their bodies? There are those that are unfortunate but that is not the majority. Obamacare has cost working families several hundreds of dollars a month in premiums and cut their benefits significantly to where the people that have done the right things cannot afford to see the doctor. It has caused doctors to have to join larger practices to stay afloat and have to keep time with patients down so much they can’t even do a full exam. Obamacare hurt the majority of the nation but you don’t hear from most of us because we are spending our time at work to try to break even after they TAXED the HE** out of us.

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