Hollywood superstar and American sweetheart, Sandra Bullock , has been cast as Wendy Davis, aka abortion Barbie, in upcoming movie entitled Let Her Speak.

Back in 2013, Wendy Davis became a liberal icon after using filibuster tactics in order to stop a bill that would make abortions after 20 weeks gestation illegal. Apparently Wendy Davis believes abortions should be allowed at any stage as an on demand procedure.

During her filibuster Davis was wearing bright pink running shoes which eventually lead to her new nickname ‘abortion Barbie.’

Davis spent eleven hours arguing that the bill shouldn’t be passed and thanks to her exhaustive efforts, the bill was effectively blocked. Thankfully this murderous women never made it into office thanks to her loss in Texas to Republican Governor Gregg Abbott.


Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock is set to play Wendy Davis, or more commonly known to conservatives as, “Abortion Barbie”.

Davis donned pink running shoes and filibustered for more than 11 hours on June 25, 2013, successfully blocking Senate Bill 5. The bill, among other measures, banned abortion after 20 weeks. WFB

Davis got the unflattering nickname during her infamous filibuster. Thanks to conservative writer and Red State editor Erick Erickson, Davis will forever be known as “Abortion Barbie.” The moniker is a bit insulting but apropos given her steadfast defense of abortion on demand.

Although Davis’ filibuster was successful at the time, the bill was eventually passed through Texas legislation which ultimately makes her entire cause a waste of time, but that won’t stop liberals from praising her for allowing babies to be murdered whenever the mother so chooses.

Before anyone begins a Sandra Bullock boycott, it’s important to point out that her choice to play this role is strictly professional and challenging as Bullock is known for keeping her political opinions out of the limelight and has been quoted as saying all she wants is what’s best for our country in terms of President and that Trump is doing the best he can.

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