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Hungarian PM Tells The World: We Won’t Let ‘Europe’s Kingmaker’ Soros Have the Last Laugh


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has denounced globalist mass migration financier George Soros, calling him a “speculator operating an extensive mafia network” of NGOs and people traffickers.

BREITBART | At the final event in the “Stand up for Hungary!” series and national consultation, Prime Minister Orbán told Hungarians: “We shall not let Soros have the last laugh.”

Stating that one of the two “historical” debates placing strains on the continent are mass migration, he said the other was the future of Europe as a supranational union, which will either become “the Europe of Brussels or the Europe of nations.”

“We are in the midst of two debates, the outcomes of which can determine Europe – irreversibly, and permanently,” he said.

– EU migrant redistribution is “the Everest of demented ideas” –

Calling the migrant quota system “the Everest of demented ideas”, he slammed German “multikulti” as a “spectacular failure” and rejected the EU’s wisdom that the rest of the union should pay for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy.

Hungary, with fellow Visegrád nations Poland and the Czech Republic, reject the forced redistribution of Middle Eastern and African migrants, standing up to threats of sanctions from the bloc, with Poland and the Czech Republic saying that taking migrants would be worse than EU penalties.

The leader of the conservative Fidesz party, who has built border walls and recruited more guards to protect Europe from further incursions, stood by the Hungarian people’s right to decide who should be allowed in the country.


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