Wednesday night on America Now, Buck Sexton slammed liberal democrats for escalating the already dangerous relationship between the United States and Russia. Buck saying left-wing lawmakers were more than happy to make excuses for the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but now, are behaving like super-hawks.

Buck ripped Congressional lawmakers for forcing the Presidents hand in signing the new sanctions bill against the Russian government; limiting Trumps flexibility in future negotiations with the Kremlin. Sexton saying:

“He signed [this bill] that will keep in place some of the Obama-era sanctions on Russia, it also limits the Presidents ability to do anything with regard to the sanctions. I just have to say, this is going to achieve what exactly?”

Buck added:

Whats the purpose of these Russia sanctions? You’ll notice that democrats have never felt so fierce, so bellicose towards Russia. Certainly not during the Cold War Soviet era, where the Soviets were actively trying to subvert and undermine our government on a regular basis and were threatening nuclear war against us. The democrats could find excuses for the Soviets, for the Russians then, but now? No.

If you are not an anti-Russia hardliner, the Democrats are so obsessed with power, that because they blame Russia for being out of power in this country right now, because they blame Russia for Hillary’s loss, they now also force you to also be a super-hawk on all things Russia or else you’re a traitor, you’re just the worst. Its amazing to watch this play out. Sanctions on Russia will do what exactly?