‘I am not a crisis actor’: Florida Teens SLAM Conservatives ( Video )



“I am not a crisis actor. I’m somebody that had to witness this and live through this and I continue to have to do that,” 17-year-old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior David Hogg told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “The fact that some of the students at Stoneman Douglas high school … are showing more maturity and political action than many of our elected officials is a testament to how disgusting and broken our political system is right now in America. But we’re trying to fix that.” -David Hogg


I beg to differ. Have you watched the scene where he seems to be re-hersing scripted lines.

Here It Is:

The president’s son Donald Trump Jr. liked two tweets disseminating conspiracy theories about Hogg. One tweet linked to a story in Gateway Pundit that accused Hogg’s father of coaching his son in peddling “anti-Trump rhetoric and anti-gun legislation,” claiming the FBI is using Hogg as its pawn.

The other tweet linked to a story in True Pundit that described Hogg as “the kid who has been running his mouth” about Trump and Republicans. “If Hogg knew the shooter would snap — as he and other students have professed — perhaps he could have told his father about it,” the story charged.


A few hours later, he tweeted a video interview with 17-year-old Delaney Tarr, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who has emerged as one of the loudest voices calling for gun control in the wake of the shooting. In the video, she directly addressed Trump and requested greater restrictions on the purchase of semiautomatic weapons, such as mental health checks.

D’Souza said Tarr appeared “coached and also a bit deranged,” adding that Trump “should ignore these media-manufactured theatrics.”

When the Florida House rejected a motion to consider a bill that would ban the sale of assault rifles, he tweeted, “Adults 1, kids 0.”

He followed that with a photo of students reacting to the decision. The students are stone-faced in the photograph, and one has a hand to her mouth, as if to hold in crying.

“Worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs,” D’Souza tweeted. Hours later, he added: “Genuine grief I can empathize with. But grief organized for the cameras — politically orchestrated grief — strikes me as phony & inauthentic.”

Armond White, the National Review’s film critic, drummed up a Trumpian nickname for the students: “Parkland Puppets.”

“Why their ubiquitous presence on TV news shows? Who’s their publicist?” he tweeted, along with a photograph of Hogg and 18-year-old Emma Gonzalez. “Obviously not just being picked up off the street, no 16-year-old has quick access to network news producers. Clearly, some PR exec is handling these Alt-Left kids.” (Neither student pictured is 16 years old.)

Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News host disgraced by a sexual abuse scandal, criticized the media for broadcasting interviews with teenagers “who are in an emotional state and facing extreme peer pressure.”

“The national press believes it is their job to destroy the Trump administration by any means necessary,” he wrote on his website. “So if the media has to use kids to do that, they’ll use kids.”

Former congressman Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) on Sunday tweeted a USA Today story about the student organizers helping lead a nationwide student walkout in protest of America’s gun laws, adding the message: “O really? ‘Students’ are planning a nationwide rally? Not left wing gun control activists using 17yr kids in the wake of a horrible tragedy?”

Kingston then appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday and doubled down on his remarks.

“Do we really think — and I say this sincerely — do we really think that 17-year-olds on their own are going to plan a nationwide rally?” Kingston asked, adding, “They probably do not have the logistical ability to plan a nationwide rally without it being hijacked by groups that already had the preexisting anti-gun agenda.”

The show’s co-host Alisyn Camerota fiercely disagreed.

“I talked to these kids before they knew the body count of how many of their friends had been killed. No one had talked to them yet,” Camerota said. “They hadn’t been indoctrinated by some left-wing group. They were motivated from what they saw and what they endured.”

Brandon Abzug, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior who survived the shooting, then appeared on CNN and said of the former congressman’s comments, “I think it’s very despicable…. To say that just because we’re young we can’t make a difference is not right, and he should apologize for that.”

Kingston began backtracking on Twitter. “Not only do I respect their right to protest & their resolve to look for answers, I admire it,” he wroteHe added, “That’s why it’s sad local gun control activists would hijack the tragedy to drive their own agenda.” WAPO



  1. Angelica Rockwell

    February 21, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Anyone who has been in true terror/panic mode knows you dont calmly remember every detail in order. “Then I looked to my left..” “kneeling in dust…” etc. This whole thing has become so crazy, and divided the country (and Canada too) even more. Now I hear FB, Twitter etc are scrubbing everything about the 17 yr old…so you know whose “truth” will shine forth. This is such an outrage.

    • Jay

      February 21, 2018 at 1:24 pm

      Um I’ve been through a couple of tragic moments and they burn into your memory with absolute clarity. No need to look left and say “hold on” a few times every minute….. coached for sure.

  2. Gunny B

    February 22, 2018 at 9:07 am

    This kid sure is having a grande time laughing and joking prior to and after his “gut wrenching” interviews. If anything, this kid is not only fake, but he is a doing a disservice to his departed classmates. Disgraceful and without honor. His is only about greed and being in the public’s eye. Good luck kid, cause your day of reckoning will come when your BS comes a crashing down all around you.

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