Sarah Huckabee Sanders DESTROYS Joy Behar on The View


Yesterday, sparks flew on The View between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her hosts.  As the hosts closed in on her, Sarah Huckabee Sanders fought back against all of the attacks.

From Joy Behar:

Is the media not supposed to report on the fact that 95 percent of what he says is a lie?

While Behar didn’t name her source, her statement lines up with the website Politifact.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded:

The problem with that, Joy, is you are doing exactly what we’re talking about — and pushing a false narrative.

Unsurprisingly, Behar was having none of it:

I feel for you.  I feel sorry for you that you have to go out and defend those lies every day.

Huckabee Sanders stuck to her guns:

I completely disagree with what you’re saying — that only five percent is true. I know that is simply not accurate and I think that is one of the dangers we have right now is that we’re pushing so many false narratives every day. We’re creating false perceptions about the president and, frankly, inhibiting his ability to succeed. I think America should want him to succeed. He is the president whether they voted him or not. … His success is America’s success.

The exchange continued with the co-hosts taking turns to swipe at Sarah.  Interestingly, Huckabee Sanders insisted that she still feels empowered every day.  She added that the president has pushed women into senior positions, something he has a long track record of doing.

Frankly, it’s a wonder she even wanted to go on this show.  The View should be renamed The Left View with their blatant hate for Donald Trump.

By the end of the segment, there was practically a screaming match between the women.  Did they really think arguing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders would make her immediately step down?

Watch the fiery segment here:


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