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Must See Video: Illegals Non-Stop Streaming Across the Border


Must See Video: Illegals Non-Stop Streaming Across the Border.

For those who argue that a huge, secure wall isn’t needed for our border, this video shows illegal immigrants streaming in across our wide open borders. On top of that, these aren’t just innocent people trying to find a better life. Some of these people are armed as they cross into America. One man caught about 4 hours of illegal immigrants crossing over his property.

Watch the clip below, 25 straight minutes of immigrants illegally crossing into the US:

Arizona rancher John Chilton has a 50,000-acre spread along the U.S.-Mexico border and it is ground zero for human smugglers, drug cartel members and illegal immigrants. 79-year-old Chilton has warned the government numerous times about leaving such long stretches of the border secured by only a barbed wire fence. The seasoned rancher set up hidden cameras all over his property to prove his point.

As you see, what he caught was loads of proof of the many MEN who use his property to get into the United States without any issues at all. You see, these aren’t women, children and families looking for a better life. These are men, cartel members, human smugglers and traffickers who are making their way into the United States.

This is the open border policy that liberals want in America, just let everyone in and hope for the best. This is why Donald Trump was elected, without him, drug and human traffickers can easily enter into America. Criminals who are fleeing the countries where they committed their crimes can find sanctuary within our sanctuary cities. This is the most idiotic set up I’ve ever seen. Thank God for Donald Trump and his fight to rid America of sanctuary cities and fortify our borders.

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