BREAKING: Judge in Manafort Case Orders Govt to Hand Over Unredacted Rosenstein Memo Within Two Weeks



Yesterday, Eastern District of Virginia Federal Judge T. S. Ellis, an immigrant from Colombia, smacked down Special Counsel Robert Mueller for his abuse of power. 

At a hearing regarding Paul Manafort’s Motion to Dismiss, Judge Ellis told Mueller’s team just what he thought of their presidential witch hunt.  This is good news for Manafort because it is looking increasingly likely that his charges for tax and bank fraud may be dismissed.  Ellis is overseeing one of two indictments against Manafort.  This is also good news for President Trump and his supporters.


Apparently disgusted with Mueller’s overreach, Judge Ellis said Mueller does not have “unfettered power” to prosecute over charges that have nothing to do with possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

“I don’t see how this indictment has anything to do with anything the special prosecutor is authorized to investigate,”  Ellis said at the hearing in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, concerning a motion by Manafort to dismiss the case.

Ellis also said he’s concerned Mueller is only pursuing charges against Manafort (and presumably other individuals) to pressure them into turning on President Trump.  The Judge added that the charges brought against Manafort didn’t appear to stem from Mueller’s collusion probe.  Instead, they appeared to be the work of a much older investigation into Manafort that was eventually dropped.


Judge Ellis slammed Mueller’s prosecutors saying it appeared they were using the indictment of Manafort to pressure him to cooperate against Trump.  Manafort, 69, has pled not guilty and disputes Mueller’s assertion that he violated U.S. laws when he worked a decade ago as a political consultant for pro-Russian groups in Ukraine.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s (alleged) bank fraud,” Ellis said.  “You really care about what information he might give you about Mr. Trump and what might lead to his impeachment or prosecution.

The judge also questioned why Manafort’s case there could not be handled by the U.S. attorney’s office in Virginia, rather than the special counsel’s office, as it is not Russia-related.  Many others have asked the same question.


Ellis has given prosecutors two weeks to show what evidence they have that Manafort was complicit in colluding with the Russians.  If they can’t come up with any, he may dismiss the case.  Ellis also asked the special counsel’s office to share privately with him a copy of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein’s August 2017 memo elaborating on the scope of Mueller’s Russia probe.  He said the current version he has is heavily redacted.

Absent evidence that Manafort “colluded with the Russians” during the Trump campaign, he may be a free man.  A dismissal of his case would set precedent and make it much harder for Mueller to turn other witnesses against President Trump.

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