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Insider Source: Kaepernick Turned Down Contracts to Become a “Race Messiah”


With less than a month to go until the NFL season kicks off, Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned.  A new report reveals that it’s not actually from his controversial behavior.

Kaepernick was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.  Throughout the 2016 season, he protested police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem.  His behavior enraged spectators and was reported as the primary source of the NFL’s dipped ratings that season.

After Kaepernick’s controversial behavior, he chose to become a free agent.  The Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens all turned him down.  Because he remains unsigned., many are accusing the NFL of “blackballing” the QB

Recently, an insider disputed that theory.  From The Daily Caller:

Kaepernick allegedly doesn’t want to make “backup money” and specifically instructed his representative team not to sign one (sic) contract offered at the league’s minimum rate of $900,000 per year for a seventh-year player.

Shortly after the 2017 offseason began, Kaepernick parted ways with XAM Sports — the agency which had represented him since he entered the league in 2011 — and TheDC’s source added that Kaepernick’s girlfriend, outspoken radio host Nessa Diab, appears to be a driving force behind his negotiating tactics.

Kaepernick’s behavior goes beyond bizarre.  The insider added that Kaepernick “views himself as a race messiah”.

Clearly, he’s a humble guy.

If he was truly offered a contract, he is many things.  But he is not a race messiah.  It’s clear that he and his crazy girlfriend are attempting to spin a narrative here.  Unfortunately, the narrative is nonexistent.


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