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BREAKING: North Korea Fires Missile At Japan


Multiple sources confirm the the North Koreans have indeed fired a missile and Japanese officials state that it is headed to the Northern area of the island state.

It’s time to make this country great again. It’s time to make North Korea afraid of the US again.

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Update: 5:42 ET
North Korea has fired a missile that passed over northern Japan, in a dramatic escalation of the missile crisis concerning the rogue regime.

The Japanese government said the missile had landed in the Sea of Japan, while public broadcaster NHK suggested it had flown directly over the northern island of Hokkaido before breaking into three pieces and falling into waters 1180km east of the island. The south Korean military has confirmed the ballistic missile few over Japan.

The missile was fired from the vicinity of Sunan in Pyongyang at 5:57 am (local time and AEST). and flew east, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“It passed through the sky over Japan,” the JCS added. The missile flew around 2700km, Yonhap news agency is reporting.

Japan’s J-Alert warning system advised people in the area to take precautions early on Tuesday, but NHK said there was no sign of damage.

The Japanese military did not attempt to shoot down the missile, which passed over its territory around 6:06am local time.

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