There has never been a country like America that guarantees for each person certain inalienable rights.  America was built on the Rule of Law, rejecting the Rule of Man that had oppressed people throughout the world for centuries.


Are you a member of Antifa or KKK, and just want to hang out with your deranged buddies?  Grab a keg of beer and invite them over because you have Freedom of AssemblyAmendment One in the Bill of Rights.

Want to make a fool of yourself in public?  Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly forces others to get out of your way and let you.  Amendment One in the Bill of Rights.

Feel like rioting in the streets because your candidate lost the election?  Have it!  If you are caught breaking the law, you will receive Due Process.  Amendment Five in the Bill of Rights.

Have Dems been in control of your city for years, so law & order has broken down?  You have the right to keep and bear armsAmendment Two in the Bill of Rights.

FBI bigwig, Peter Strzok cannot be compelled to tell the truth about how he colluded with the Clinton Campaign to swing the election in her favor.  He enjoys protection against self-incrimination.  Nor can he be forced to tell authorities what his (illegal) plans were to harm the Trump Presidency.  Amendment Five in the Bill of Rights.

Want to spew your Liberal lies all over Facebook?  No problem, your Freedom of Speech is unlimited and protected.  In America, you are allowed to be a jerk.  Amendment One in the Bill of Rights.

Want to write an article that criticizes the White House?  Go ahead.  You have Freedom of Press.  Amendment One in the Bill of Rights.

Probable Cause will allow you to fill up your house, your car & your person with all manner of “incriminating evidence” but law enforcement can’t get at it without convincing a judge that a crime has been committed AND your stuff probably contains evidence of that crime.  Amendment Four in the Bill of Rights.

Want to exercise your faith by wearing religious clothing in public?  There is no need to be concerned that others may tear it off.  Freedom of Religion in the U.S. Constitution will protect you.  Amendment One in the Bill of Rights.


Are you gay?  Iran’s “Due Process” won’t prevent the authorities from throwing you off the roof the minute you come out of the Gay closet.  You are considered less than human.

Does Nigeria law give little girls Due Process before they slice off their genitals?  Heck no!

Are you a Christian?  Syria does not have Freedom of Religion nor Due Process.  The government will crucify you as soon as they see you praying.

Saudi Arabia is the perfect place for women since they REALLY know how to protect you.  If you leave the house without a male escort, you will be whipped without waiting for Due Process.  All married women hope to give birth to a baby boy so they can leave the house “escorted” by their infant.


If you think you are not being treated right in America, LEAVE.  Move to a Third-World Dictatorship.  This will give you the opportunity to check out how the majority of human beings live.

Venezuela is a Socialist Utopia.  You don’t need to worry about your Freedom of Assembly rights there because 1) they don’t have any and 2) you will be too busy just trying to survive.  One good thing about Venezuela is that they recently got rid of their feral disease-ridden dogs.  Unfortunately, ALL dogs have disappeared right into the stomachs of the starving Venezuelan people.

My all-time favorite country is North Korea.  The authorities don’t worry about Due Process there.  They just pull out all your teeth and re-insert them back into the wrong holes.  Just ask Otto Warmbier how well he was treated when he was arrested for taking a poster off the wall.  OOPS!  I forgot.  Handsome, educated Otto is dead.


Yes, there are many, civilized countries where citizens have some rights.  But they do not have our Bill of Rights.  As the attitude of the government changes, they can punish their citizens for doing something that AMERICANS ENJOY AS A PROTECTED RIGHT.


The British people do not have Freedom of Press.  Just ask Tommy Robinson, who is currently spending a year in jail because he was standing outside a courthouse.  Inside the courthouse, a ring of 29 Muslim pedophiles was being tried for sexual abuse of dozens of children.  Tommy planned to report on the trial.  The British government did not want the public to learn how Muslim immigrants treat little kids so they arrested Tommy and convicted him of God-knows-what.


Since 1996 Australian authorities have been telling their citizens that you have no right to your own life.  If thugs want to kill you, they are allowed to since Australians do not have the right to keep and bear arms.  Shootings have decreased but other types of violent crime have increased, such as home invasions where several thugs use baseball bats, knives, etc. to subdue victims.  What has also decreased is law-abiding citizens ability to protect themselves and their families.


Canada has a nationwide law that allows them to arrest a person for using the “wrong” pronoun.  To protect overly sensitive, sexually confused people, last year the Canadian Parliament passed a law making it a crime to say “he” when the person thinks of himself as a “she.”  And vice versa.  How could they even consider such anti-human rights legislation?  Because Canadians do not have the protections Americans enjoy under our Bill of Rights, specifically they don’t have Freedom of Speech protection.


Did you think that civilized countries long ago banned book-burning?  You would be wrong.  You need to look no further than to our neighbor to the north.  The Canadian government can ban books because Canadians do not enjoy Freedom of Press

Snowflakes:  There is no place in the world where citizens have it as good as in The United States of America.  On our 242nd Fourth of July, you should thank your lucky stars you were born an American.

Diane L. Gruber

Blessed to be an American


  1. Anonymous

    July 3, 2018 at 6:48 pm

  2. Terry Cook

    July 4, 2018 at 10:37 am

    Great summary Diane! Thank you and happy freedom day too.

    • Diane L. Gruber

      July 5, 2018 at 8:54 am

      Terry: I have received much positive response. One negative. That nutcase found this article “threatening.” Ha! Diane

  3. CLB

    July 4, 2018 at 11:30 am

    Good article Diane. The shame is that Americans even need to be ‘reminded’ of these facts. That we, as citizens whom see the extreme danger presented by the lefts extremist socialistic behaviors, have to present these facts to try to ‘wake them up’ out of their stupors. Sad…but entirely necessary to keep putting these facts in front of their faces. Then pray they even know what they are looking at…AND WHAT THEY ARE SLOWLY ALLOWING TO HAPPEN IN OUR COUNTRY! Evil is like a deadly non-detectable gas. You have to be vigilant to ‘detect’ the presence of evil. It works best to reach it’s goals, disguised as ‘Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing’.

    • Diane L. Gruber

      July 5, 2018 at 9:00 am

      CLB: Yes! The Left has been wearing “sheep’s clothing” for decades. With the advent of Trump, they threw off the clothing and are stark-naked in front of the whole world displaying just who they are: America-haters who want to destroy this freedom-loving country. Diane

  4. cc visnesky

    July 4, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    I will comment on the ‘women’s march’ photo. I am most disgusted with many of the libtard women of today. Disrespecting all the advantages this nation offers them, and making fools of themselves, they have only devolved to whiny victims. Didn’t their liberated grandmothers (my age), and mothers pass on ANYTHING of value? I was a young woman in ’73, and watched all the college girls running around with mirrors and speculums…then came years of women’s lib and all that free sex (even the inaugural issue of MS magazine carried the warning from Gloria Steinham that men benefitted from women handing out sex freely.) Wise women knew then was a mistake this was. So I lived thru 50 years of “hear me roar’ only to wind up now with the insanity of “pink foam vaginas” only these aren’t vaginas, just labia. Huh? Did they skip anatomy class? I guess wearing a full body tube, with yourself stuck in the ‘birth canal’ wasn’t as dramatic. I NEVER see women of color wearing a black or brown labia.. I know they make foam in those colors, maybe those women have more self respect! But there is hope, these loony women aren’t reproducing, which is a very good thing for this country. The rise in conservatism, and respect for value of life, our Constitution, and the many freedoms here will win out. Happy Birthday America!

  5. Old Stock American

    July 4, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    Unfortunately these rights have been seriously eroded and the American people have become so soft that in the last 40 or so years they’ve allowed their own population to be matched by importing 3rd world migrants ONLY from cultures that favor Socialism and Communist Gov’ts.
    All because you’re afraid of being called a racist. Now you can live as a subject again.
    How long do you think you will keep a Republic with a population of Socialists and Communists?
    Who ever started the ridiculous notion that all humans were “alike?” That’s insane, just as insane as we’re all “equal.” That flies in the face natural laws. Of course people are not equal nor are they the same. All birds are birds but you don’t see an Eagle mating with a sparrow do you?
    There are some extremely evil forces at work in America and in western civilization in general. Not all embrace individualism and the principles of liberty. That is something that is unique to only one kind of people. It is these same people who are responsible for advanced societies and technology as well as exploration and discovery. It would be a shame to lose those who have done so much for humanity.

  6. Diane L. Gruber

    July 5, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Dear Old Stock: Below is the response I sent to an attorney who found this “threatening.”

    “There is nothing “threatening” about it. Daily Presser is owned by a young gay man who could not be nicer. I am clueless why you think there is something wrong with ANYONE exercising his/her Freedom of Speech, Press. You will find NOTHING “threatening” to our individual rights in my articles. Quite the opposite!! Between college and grad school I lived in a dictatorship. This left me with a profound respect for OUR Bill of Rights. My respect has only deepened in recent years as I see Liberals, inch by inch, chipping away at them.

    As a LONG time student of presidential history, I am aware that every sitting president has LIMITED powers. After all, our constitution provides checks & balances from SCOTUS, from the House of Representative and from the Senate. Trump is no more dangerous than Obama. Indeed, as I spent eight years watching Obama do whatever he could to harm America and Americans, I was not worried about “our individual rights and our children’s future” because 1) there are significant limits on any president, 2) I knew that future presidents could/would correct some of Obama’s damage and 3) WE HAVE OUR BILL OF RIGHTS that prevented Obama from mowing down average Americans. Our precious Bill of Rights held Obama partially in check. I was disgusted and gob smacked for eight years, but not worried.

    As a Baby Boomers I have lived through many presidents. Agree or disagree with their policies, except for Obama they all had ONE thing in common: They loved America and wanted the best for it.”


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