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JUSTICE: Authorities Just Gave These Protesters Who Took down Statue Some BAD News


JUSTICE: Authorities Just Gave These Protesters Who Took down Statue Some BAD News

After the recent events that took place in Charlottesville, VA tension between the left and the right as at an all time high across the country.

Just this Monday, a nearly century old monument of a Confederate soldier was tied with a rope and toppled down by a group of radical leftist protesters.

According to multiple reports Durham Police Department never intervened as the protesters took down the monument. However, they just got some bad news.

As no arrests were made on Monday, a day later Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews announced investigators were working to find out who the reckless protesters were to press criminal charges against them.

See Video Here: 


Here’s what the Deputy said: (From Fox News)

“We decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority,” Andrews said in a statement posted on his agency’s website. “As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct.”

He continued: “My deputies showed great restraint and respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger and disgust for recent events in our country. Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham.”

After the protesters knocked down the statue, (dedicated in 1924 and shows a soldier holding a rifle) they began kicking, stomping, and spitting on the destroyed monument even taking pictures standing on top of it. Inscribed on the statue were the words,  “In Memory of the Boys Who Wore The Gray.”

Source: (AP Photo/Jonathan Drew)

After this incident, the Democratic Governor of NC, Roy Cooper said: “The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments.”

Laura Ingraham Dropped the Hammer on the mad protesters with this stunning statement:

“When you see bands of criminals, which is what they were yesterday, ripping down public property and being celebrated in the American media for doing so, we have a real problem on our hands,” she said. “This is not about racial healing or racial unity when you see property being destroyed. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about the eradication of history and acknowledgment that we had really difficult, horrible moments in our country’s history that we were able to overcome.”

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(h/t) Fox News



    August 16, 2017 at 10:11 am

    what a crock of s,,,.the only restraint showed ewas the police after they were ordered to stand down and do nothing by the paracite you call a governor and mayor. more of the corrupt people who planned it all. the democrats

  2. Mary A Noriega

    August 21, 2017 at 5:51 am

    These not even humans need to face justice. You are not American’s and should have no rights in America.You have the right to protest, you are a violent bunch.
    Are you going to burn and destroy the picture of our past Presidents on the currency? Do you even know what currency means..Ignorant lame brain washed fools
    Get a life and quit destroying our country. Actually a real job,

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