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Kellyanne Conway Publicly Humiliates Paul Ryan On Live TV, Sending Him Slithering Back Under His Rock


Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald J. Trump, has just issued a stinging response to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s unsubstantiated attack on the President’s proposed executive order which would bring a halt to the practice of ‘birthright citizenship’.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called President Trump’s proposed executive order to end birthright citizenship “unconstitutional.”

He also indicated that President Trump does not “believe” in our country’s Constitution.

Conway unleashed hell on Ryan, exposing him for the traitor that he is.

Just another day in the swamp, ladies and gentleman.

When Brett Baier asked Kellyanne Conway to issue a response to Speaker Ryan’s comments about the President, in which he claimed that he “believes in the constitution” and indicated that President Trump does not, she did not hold back.

Kellyanne answered by saying “as do we.”

She also spoke about how Speaker Ryan and all of Congress has not acted on immigration.

Conway went on to say that Paul Ryan has essentially done nothing in helping to end the visa lottery, bring an end to chain migration, or help build the wall at the southern border of the United States.

“Congress never acted,” Conway stated point blank.

She also reminded Bader that President Trump highlighted these four issues specifically, because most Americans feel strongly about them, no matter what political party they belong to.

Take a look at the clip below of Conway wrecking Paul Ryan:

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