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Liberals Had a Field Day About Trump’s New Jersey Trip, and Trump Finally Responded


After discovering Trump would be in New Jersey for 17 days, Liberals couldn’t throw enough punches.

Dean Obiedallah, a CNN contributor, recalled Trump’s criticism back when Barack Obama was president.  Often, the Trump would criticize the amount of travel that Obama did.  After, he concluded with a really “witty” one-liner:

While Trump is clearly not deserving of a 17-day vacation only six months into his new job, we, the people, desperately need one!

Hollywood liberals also chimed in.

Stephen Colbert said that the president had “earned” his vacation.  If you remember, Colbert went on a vulgar rant against the president back in May.

Shock comedian Chelsea Handler prayed also chimed in.  Again, the witticisms are abound:

Trump is leaving for vacation. Let’s hope it’s like that vacation that Bill O’Reilly went on.

Unfortunately, the liberals just found out that they are incorrect.  In one tweet, Trump just refuted all the Liberal critics.

Yep.  Much like many other employees, Trump has to relocate due to construction.  Calm down liberals.  Nothing to see here.


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1 Comment

  1. C Hayes

    August 7, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    PAR FOR THE COURSE, the liberal media idiots and Hollywood idiots are losers.

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