Limbaugh: “You Idiots, If You Want Bannon Gone, You’ve Got To Shut Up!”


Limbaugh: “You Idiots, If You Really Want Bannon Gone, You’ve Got To Shut Up!”

On his radio show Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh called the media “idiots” explaining their tactics were just leading to President Trump holding on to his administration officials out of spite saying:

“Look, you idiots. I’ll name your names here in a minute. You idiots, if you really want Bannon gone, you’ve got to shut up. You keep talking like this and they’re never gonna get rid of these people. They’re never gonna throw them out. They’ve learned the lesson. They can’t throw you a bone. You’re like a rabid dog that can’t be treated! You people just learn to shut up. That won’t happen.”

Limbaugh explained later:

“Now they keep harping on getting rid of Bannon, getting Stephen Miller now, Sebastian Gorka. There’s no way Trump can do it with this kind of media pressure. And he may want to, for all I know. Somebody in there is leaking. Somebody in that White House is leaking big time. Somebody’s leaking for their own personal benefit in there. My guess is they know who it is now. And my guess is there are a lot of people in there on thin ice.”

A campaign to fire Bannon started on social media after the attack on alt-left-protesters to white nationalists took the life of one woman. Many pointing to Bannon, who admits he allowed Breitbart News to become a platform of the “alt-right” when he was the publisher before joining the administration.

Bannon has denied that he is racist, saying that instead of a white nationalist, he considers himself an “economic nationalist.”

Everyone just wants to blame everyone else for the incident at Charlottesville.

What do think of Rush’s comments? Do you agree?

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